by Pierre Massé

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An EP written in a few different ways about a few different things, produced over two different continents and combining a few different styles – facets.


released May 7, 2014

Written, arranged, performed, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Pierre Massé over a few different months in Toronto, Canada, and London, England.

Thanks to the Islington Arts Factory for having a room to record vocals in, Christopher Drexler-Lemire for feedback on first masters, and Isabelle Mattern for design/visual consultation.




Pierre Massé Toronto, Ontario

Some guy with a guitar and a laptop.

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Track Name: I Will Catch Stars for You
Now you see; I was wrong.
I was weak for too long.
And though the sun lingers on
You will run...

And I will chase, I will fight,
I will race through the night,
And I will catch the stars
For their light.

And I'll give you the starlight on a silver platter,
And I'll lay down my might so you may shatter
This empty core
Of dead dark matter.

And I will ask for forgiveness,
For all this time I was heartless;
And I'll beg for a piece of yours
To give us wholeness.
Track Name: Steadfast, Resolute
The man with the golden eye sits back and cries.
You can see it in his eyes that it's all gone awry...
Yet he lifts his head and stares straight ahead
With a gaze so fierce that fate itself is pierced,
And he raises his fist through the drunken mist –
Cries out for more because life is a whore,
And he says

You are all to blame for following the flame
Of the brightest torch around.
This world needs you to stand straight and true
And to light the fires of your own desires.

Resolute –
Puts back his chair, pays for his beer,
And he leaves the lair for the cool sea air
And the ocean sounds swirling around;
Breathes in deep, begins again to weep,
But with a mariner's pride and all that it hides,
Yet he cries...

You are all to blame for following the flame
Of the brightest torch around.
This world needs you to stand straight and true
And to light the fires of your own desires.
Track Name: Into Spring
See this world, it's not for you.
See yourself, it's all that's true.
See the land, it's all been sold.
See these hands, blue from cold.

Take my arm and lead me through
These crumbling walls, these desert rooms.
Take my words straight to your heart
And teach the world this long-last art.

Tell me what my eyes can't see.
Tell me where the new life breeds.
For though the winter we made was long,
I know this world is much too strong.

So show me how you will succeed
With all you know and all you bleed.
Show me what this new world holds
For those prepared to leave the fold.
Track Name: Lest We Remember
Though we've been at your mercy
Ever since the bullets tore your skin,
We have bastardized your legacy
Into cheap plastic pins.
And lest we forget
Is an advertising jingle
Selling memories of a soldier's bet
Across the concrete jungle.

I don't want to see your fate
Rduced to fake plastic flowers,
And I can't support the current state
Of buying remembrance by the hour.
The blood you left on the fields of France
Is not commercial fodder,
So to see this strange commemorative dance
Makes my remembrance even harder.

So I ask of you,
Lay down your pins,
Think of the blue
Over the plains,
And needless blood
Drenching the furrows,
The relentless thud
Of impending sorrow.